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A Day With Larisa Love

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I feel like I should change the name of my blog to @theconfessionsofaninstagramjunkie considering I totally get wrapped up in the people I follow and just have to meet them through getting a service done or going to one of their classes. The first experience was with @maringlam and getting my eyebrows tattooed which is probably the best thing I ever did for myself. Then I took the class from @theconfessionsofahaorstylist and @hairandmakeupbysteph. So when a picture pops us on my feed by @larisadoll that she has two last minute appointments available why would I not want to hop on the opportunity to have this vivid color guru do my hair?!? After begging the husband and convincing him I need it because I have been feeling frumpy for reasons I will soon reveal, I got an appointment with Miss Larisa Love ❤ I had been following Larisa for a while after a client told me about her saying I would love her work. Time after time I would see her beautiful bright brilliant colors pop up on my ig feed. Not only that her bright bubbly personality shines through with her video clips and pictures. She shows your her personality through her Instagram account which is pretty amazing this girl has it down. I show up early to her studio in the valley and snap a quick video of my hair. Blown out over processed ends that had not been cut for six months or more (I know I'm a hairdresser but I'm the worst) and super faded hair I had not touched for three months. Walk up to her studio and find her room, impressed the little space was filled with two clients, two assistants and Larisa. She instructed me to wait in the front area while she got me a chair ready. I was early as I said and impressed we started almost ontime. She comes out and grabs me after giving me a hug. I know she had mentioned being huggy on ig so it was cute to see it in person. Sat me down and first talked about how badly I needed a cut. Something I had not planned on but decided to put my trust in her hands. Then we started talking about color. I had no idea what I wanted and told her to do anything she wants. Have creative freedom. I feel like this threw her off because she is probably used to gals showing her tons of Pins for ideas and such. We talked about a melt, blue to purple to lilac to peach.

She started by mixing up the lightener with Olaplex which she uses on every client and builds into their price never compromising the integrity of the hair. She also slapped me on the hand for not using this on myself, I should know better as a hairstylist (as I said I'm the worst). She talked out the baby lights technique she used and I was pleased she was willing to share her secrets with me as another stylist. The process was quite quick and I sat for a very long time with the color on no heat and Olaplex I'm know it takes a long time to lift. While I was processing she was working on another client trying to rid her hair of the mint green you get stuck with after using a lot of these funky colors. She had a ton of tips and tricks, Malibu, toning with purple even trying ketchup! Eventually she got the hair where she wanted it and they started her application for her lilac color.

My turn at the bowl. This was quite the process and I was back there for a long time. She applied Malibu to the purple parts that weren't baby lighted, once that was done we rinsed and I don't remember if we did the toner next or the No. 2 Olaplex. Per Olaplex's instruction you do the toner first but I had checked out at this point so I think you could go either way. Ten minutes with the No. 2 and the toner was on for maybe five minutes. She used shades which I love. (I'm not sharing her formulas because I did not ask permission. I really think I depends on the clients and what their hair is doing at the time anyways) Then she asked what are we doing again? Haha I said do whatever you want, surprise me. Then her and her assistants whispered in the corner and came up with a concoction and didn't clue me in which was kinda fun. She applied my color at the shampoo bowl using her teardrop technique with one color at the roots and a lighter color through the ends. There are videos of her sharing her techniques if you do your research but I highly recommend taking a class and meeting Larisa for yourself. She worked in the color the whole time and was there with me the whole processing time. When the color was done we rinsed with freezing cold water. I felt like my head was frozen and this woke me up for sure. Towel dried for a cut and the color was revealed!

A silvery steel blue to light blue. So pretty. Cut, blowdry with her and her assistant, this was such a treat and felt amazing! Then she took pictures with my hair straight then gave me the lived in waves and took more pictures. And video where she pretended to munch on my hair, the whole time we talked about food so this didn't surprise me;) I checked out and she took more pictures with her camera. Really when taking ig pics it's about lighting and finding a good background. She has this spot on. This whole process took about five hours. I missed dinner with my girlfriends but it was well worth it.

This is what I like about Larisa. She takes her time. Quality over quantity and if there is even a spot messed up on your hair she will ensure it is perfect. Taking that extra step to give you the perfect hair. She is self taught and creates her own techniques which I love. She is real and doesn't really bullshit. Every time I was negative and said I can't do this or I can't do that she called me out on my crap and said "why not". I feel like I needed this and needed the inspiration from this girl. She has such an amazing passion for what she does you can see it shining from her eyes. It is no wonder she is a Brand Ambassador for Cosmoprof and educated and inspires hairstylists all over the world. She made me want to up my game on my customer service with little things like styling their hair and teaching them how to recreate the look you gave them at home. I'm going to step up my game and try and play with more color and find my own art. This experience was worth every penny and I highly recommend treating yourself to a hair experience with Larisa. You'll walk out feeling like a million bucks with a big ass smile on your face! I will definitely be back for more beauty and inspiration. Feeling sassy and fun until next time! Xx

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